FLIGHTLESS: An Inconvenient Pilot

…It’s what America has been asking for. An animated comedy series about Antarctic animals coming to terms with their place in the Natural Order of Things. After all, Toni Morrison said, “If there’s a [TV series] that you want to [watch], but it hasn’t been written [or directed or animated] yet, then you must write [and […]

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Reaching Them by Teaching Them

Connecting to audiences who aren’t falling for your sales pitch In a world filled to the rafters with tech startups, Tuft & Needle has been doing something interesting for a startup company: making and selling mattresses. They’ve also been doing something interesting for a mattress company: educating people about the mattress industry. While ride sharing […]

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Let’s Talk About Brand Stories

Modern consumer research shows us that stories are important to consumers. 90% of consumers prefer custom content from brands, and 78% of consumers believe that brands with custom content are interested in building good relationships with their audience. (Custom Content Council) But what is a brand story? How does a company go about telling one? […]

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Join me in the e-mails

I’ll only use your information to notify you about new releases and projects, offer you deals on my content and services, and I might randomly tell you about a new adventure I’ve had here or there. I won’t e-mail you more than once in a week, and I’ll NEVER give your information to anyone for any […]

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