Video: Ode to the Comments Section

I animated a fun lyrics video for a Genre song I helped write and record.


Flake & McCain: Arizona’s Four Senators

First of all, hold on — Flake & McCain sounds like an awesome new TNT buddy-cop show that I would totally watch. And McCain is obviously the “maverick” bad cop who plays by his own rules. But back to real life — while these Senators enjoy reinforcing their maverick, no-nonsense reputations with ‘tough talk’ towards President Trump, they also... Continue Reading →

Reaching Them by Teaching Them

Connecting to audiences who aren't falling for your sales pitch In a world filled to the rafters with tech startups, Tuft & Needle has been doing something interesting for a startup company: making and selling mattresses. They’ve also been doing something interesting for a mattress company: educating people about the mattress industry. While ride sharing... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Brand Stories

Modern consumer research shows us that stories are important to consumers. 90% of consumers prefer custom content from brands, and 78% of consumers believe that brands with custom content are interested in building good relationships with their audience. (Custom Content Council) But what is a brand story? How does a company go about telling one?... Continue Reading →

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