FLIGHTLESS: An Inconvenient Pilot

…It’s what America has been asking for. An animated comedy series about Antarctic animals coming to terms with their place in the Natural Order of Things.

After all, Toni Morrison said, “If there’s a [TV series] that you want to [watch], but it hasn’t been written [or directed or animated] yet, then you must write [and direct and animate] it.” Thus, the first three episodes of FLIGHTLESS have finished script drafts, and production on the pilot episode, The Natural Order of Things, is scheduled to begin in January 2018.

instagram | @heytheresthatguyiam

My close friend and FLIGHTLESS co-producer Zac asked me what the kernel of this show idea was. I thought about it and realized that this show is about penguins because they were the easiest thing I could think to draw to test some new motion plugins I got for After Effects last year — an origin story to make a documentary about someday, essentially.

With that thrilling introduction behind me, I look forward to posting increasingly more exciting updates approaching a planned April 2018 premiere party.

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